How do you know Superfan saves energy?

How do you know Superfan saves energy?

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

Government of India through the Ministry of Power operates an agency called Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) that assigns energy efficiency rating to appliances that are participating.  The efficiency is rated in a star-based system, with ‘5 stars’ indicating the most efficient and ‘1 star’ the least efficient. BEE formulates an efficiency parameter and its required value for each appliance.

Many of us are familiar with the star rating in ACs & refrigerators. Recently, it was ruled that from Jan 2022 star rating for ceiling fans is mandatory. Until then, it is voluntary for the brands to obtain a star rating. This star rating is based on the efficiency parameter called service value for ceiling fans.

Service value is the ratio of airflow delivered at the highest speed in cubic meter per minute (CMM) to the power consumed at that speed in Watt (W). The minimum service value to obtain 5-star rating for a 48 inches (1200mm) ceiling fan is 6.0 CMM/Watt.

The performance of a ceiling fan must be tested independently by a nationally accredited NABL laboratory to obtain a star rating from BEE. All Superfan models are 5 stars rated.

This star label offered after independent testing and validation carried out by multiple government agencies, should provide assurance and trust to the consumers, about our energy savings claims of Superfan.

Star Rating For Different Superfan Ceiling Fan Models

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  1. One of my superfan is not working (Super X1S), I have complained several times to Superfan Helpdesk and Customer care as the fan is still under warranty, but no action has been taken yet, so let me know how to fix this issue.

  2. interesting to see all the q series in the chart , would love to see the new design/pictures.

    when can we see this Q series 😉
    (maybe with the 1/f yuragi Breeze)

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