Why is choosing the right size of ceiling fan important?

Why is choosing the right size of ceiling fan important?

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is an energy efficient and a cost-efficient space cooling solution compared to air conditioners or air coolers. The difference is due to the fundamental way each of these solutions cools an occupant. This difference can be succinctly put into words without a technical explanation by Dr. Mayur (Superfan) – AC cools the room while the fan cools the humans in the room.

As the fan cools only the occupant in the room, its coverage area is critical to choosing the right fan for a room. A typical ceiling fan is 48” or 1200 mm, these have a coverage of about 28 sq.ft (while installed correctly), this coverage is sufficient for certain spaces not all. Due to its legacy, this size has become the norm. Optimizing the size of the fan can also reduce the number of fans, energy consumption and comfort.  

There are certain rubrics to estimate the optimal fan size for a space.

Ceiling fans cost little compared to the other space cooling appliances like air conditioners, air coolers, HVAC.etc. Many times, ceiling fans are chosen without any prior research and this extends to its size. 

Choosing ceiling fans by calculating the dimensions of spaces helps ensure maximum performance giving the desired airflow at minimal energy consumption, improved aesthetics, and overall thermal comfort. 

For example, a large ceiling fan in a smaller room will offer an uncomfortable amount of airflow resulting in discomfort for the occupant. In the other case, a small ceiling fan in a larger room has to run twice or thrice to offer the desired thermal comfort, which may affect its operational cost, comfort and longevity.  

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