Embracing Energy Efficiency: The Mandatory BEE Star Labelling for Ceiling Fans and Superfan’s Pioneering Role

Embracing Energy Efficiency: The Mandatory BEE Star Labelling for Ceiling Fans and Superfan’s Pioneering Role

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under the Ministry of Power, India, implemented the mandatory BEE star labelling for ceiling fans on January 1, 2023. This initiative aims to promote energy efficiency and ensure that consumers can make informed choices when purchasing fans. In this blog, we will discuss the BEE star rating system, the calculation of service value, and the pioneering role Superfan played in revolutionizing the Indian fan industry by introducing BLDC motor-based super energy-efficient fans.

Understanding the BEE Star Rating and Service Value Calculation

The BEE star rating is calculated based on a fan’s service value. The service value is the ratio of air delivery in cubic meters per minute (CMM) to the power consumption in watts. For instance, if a fan gives air delivery of 220 CMM while consuming 50 watts, its service value will be 220/50 = 4.4.

The number of stars a fan receives depends on its service value and blade sweep size. For fans with a blade sweep size < 1200 mm, the star rating guidelines are:

1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star5 Star
≥ 3.1 to < 3.6 ≥ 3.6 to < 4.1 ≥ 4.1 to < 4.6 ≥ 4.6 to < 5.1 ≥ 5.1

For fans with a blade sweep size > 1200 mm, the star rating guidelines are:

1 Star

2 Star

3 Star

4 Star

5 Star
≥ 4.0 to < 4.5
for 1200 mm;

≥ 4.1 to < 4.5
for 1400 mm;

≥ 4.3 to < 4.5
for 1500 mm;
≥ 4.5 to < 5.0 ≥ 5.0 to < 5.5 ≥ 5.5 to < 6.0 ≥ 6.0

A higher service value at a specific sweep and air delivery indicates higher energy efficiency. The BEE star rating system helps consumers understand the energy efficiency and performance of a fan before purchasing it.

Superfan’s impact on these changes

Superfan, India’s first super energy-efficient ceiling fan, was officially launched on December 12, 2012. The first Superfan was sold to its first customer on January 1, 2013. It played a significant role in initiating the change in the market and industry, ultimately leading to the implementation of mandatory BEE star labelling.

Superfan was a pioneer in introducing brushless DC (BLDC) motor-based fans to the Indian market, which are known for their super energy efficiency. BLDC motors consume significantly less energy compared to conventional induction motors, translating into lower electricity bills and reduced environmental impact.

Superfan not only led the technology for super efficiency with numerous patents and awards but also inspired other manufacturers to enter the super energy-efficient (SEE) fans market by showing that these fans are welcome in the market.

Revolutionizing the Indian Ceiling Fan Industry with Energy-Efficient Technology

New companies like Atomberg and others entered newly into the market and brought investments into the industry. Large institutions like Indian Railways, Power Grid Corporation, and EESL were early adopters of Superfan and the SEE technology. Many organizations, societies, and educational institutions also supported and promoted SEE fans, contributing to the growth of the market. BEE and BIS’s efforts, along with Superfan, and organizations like Prayas, IGBC, AEEE pushed the Indian Fan Manufacturers Association (IFMA) into participating in effecting the necessary change in the market.

As a result, from January 1, 2023, the maximum energy that a ceiling fan can consume is 52.5 watts, which would be rated 1-star, delivering a minimum of 210 CMM air flow for a 1200 mm span. There are now plenty of 5-star ceiling fans using BLDC motors that consume anywhere from 35 watts to 25 watts to deliver 230 CMM airflow. There are a few models in between filling up 2, 3, and 4 stars. The mandatory BEE star labelling for ceiling fans is expected to lead to significant energy savings in India. The next round of revision of the star rating by BEE after two years should likely result in the current 1-star fan going out of the market and only some form of current SEE fans being made and sold. This will lead to even more energy savings and a greener future for India.

Superfan plays key role in India’s energy-efficient ceiling fan revolution

The mandatory BEE star labelling for ceiling fans has been a significant milestone in the Indian fan industry. Superfan’s pioneering role in revolutionizing the market and pushing for energy efficiency by introducing BLDC motor-based super energy-efficient fans has played an important part in this achievement. The significance here is that an Indian innovation by an Indian company has made this shift in the industry and the market unlike the AC, LED, and other similar appliances in which the change began with foreign technology and players. As consumers become more aware of energy efficiency and the benefits of SEE fans, the market will continue to grow and contribute to a sustainable and energy-efficient future for India.

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