What to do when Superfan remote is found missing?

What to do when Superfan remote is found missing?

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Sometimes, we face this issue of not finding the remote. For instance, we may misplace it, your kid threw it out through the window, or the remote battery is drained. All these situations are common, and we come across daily. How can you control the speed of the ceiling fan when the remote control is missing? We need at least a temporary speed control method before replacing it.

Speed control through power supply switches

Keeping such a misfortune in mind, Superfan BLDC ceiling fans are designed to be controlled through the electric switch (ceiling fan power supply switch). By toggling (turning ON and OFF at a certain rate) the electric switch, you can control the ceiling fan’s speed. This is how it is done:

– Switch on the Superfan from the ceiling fan power supply switch

– Toggle the switch from ON position to OFF position based on the number of speeds. If you want to set speed 3, toggle between ON and OFF three times. (ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON).

– The delay between each toggle should be less than 5 seconds.

The below video will help you understand toggling the switch better:

Toggling Wall Switch for Superfan Speed Control

Superfan’s intelligent algorithm can read the toggle signal and control the fan’s speed accordingly. A simple solution!  

Now you know how to easily control your ceiling fan with Superfan remote, place your order for a new remote or call us at 1800 425 78737.

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