Are small ceiling fans effective?

Are small ceiling fans effective?

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Typically, ceiling fan size ranges from 24 inches to 60 inches, the size refers to the diameter of the ceiling fan. Fans cool people by generating an airflow around them and the general principle is that the larger fans move a larger volume of air. Certain spaces like a pooja room, a small office cubicle, a cashier desk, a dressing space, a study nook, etc. require a small ceiling fan as   these spaces require confined narrow airflow spread to avoid unnecessary gusts of wind beyond the space around the occupant. The size of the room(space) and the application determines the optimal size of the fan. 

Why is Super Q mini the best choice of small ceiling fans?

Bigger is not always better 

Typically, the smaller ceiling fans have to run at high speed (RPM) to deliver the desired airflow. A typical 24-inch ceiling fan runs at more than 700 RPM, while a 24-inch Super Q mini runs at 420 RPM and delivers 20% more airflow. This speed reduction reduces the noise significantly, and suits the quieter needs of a study room or office.

Super Q achieves this higher airflow at a slower speed through a unique blade shape. This blade shape moves air with less turbulence and generates lower pressure on the occupant, which avoids unnecessary health discomforts due to longer exposure to high-speed ceiling fans. Additionally, Super Q uses Superfan’s patented BLDC motor to achieve one of the higher energy efficiencies in fans. 

Super Q has two smaller size fans at 24” and 36”, the product specifications are below. 

Parameters Size variants 
Span (mm) 24’’ (600mm) 36’’ (900mm) 
Typical speed (RPM) 420 320 
Typical input power (Watts) 20 25 
Air flow (m3/min) 120 150 
Service value (m3/min/watt) 6.0 6.0 

These fans come with a 5-year warranty, which is an ideal choice for smaller domestic and commercial spaces such as retail shops and office cubicles which can earn you money savings with extra guarantee. Learn how to select Superfan.

Superfan Super Q small BLDC ceiling fans are effective as well as efficient

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4 thoughts on “Are small ceiling fans effective?

  1. The correct size ceiling fan might be more cost-effective to operate than air conditioners. Standard-size compact ceiling fans typically have a blade span of 24 to 36 inches, making them perfect for, among other places, kitchens, corridors, walk-in closets, and study areas.

  2. You are right!
    Determining the correct ceiling fan size for a room is important because fans are meant to move a certain volume of air. Increasing the speed of the fan will do little to increase that volume. Instead, it needs larger fan blades.

  3. small ceiling fans are great option to install in small areas like pooja hall, a small office cubicle, etc. still these ceiling fans are effective as they manufactured for that.

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