How To Select The Right Ceiling Fan?

How To Select The Right Ceiling Fan?

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

It is prudent to spend a few minutes choosing a ceiling fan because it will be with you for over 15 years. It is not as simply about the aesthetics!

The factors that must be considered for choosing a ceiling fan are:

[1] Required fan size
[2] BEE star rating
[3] Aesthetics

Here is some expert advice on how to pick the best ceiling fan.

The Appropriate Fan Size

There is a simple method to determine the right size (span) and the number of ceiling fans. The following steps elaborate on the method:

1. Measure the dimension of the room or space in terms of length and breadth. (Ex: 10×16 Sq ft)

2. The smaller dimension (Ex: 10 ft) determines the fan size (span). The size is the diameter of the ceiling fan’s blade sweep.  The table shows the dimensions and their corresponding fan sizes.

3. The larger dimension (Ex: 16 ft) determines the number of fans. When the larger dimension is double the smaller dimension, the number of fans doubles.

Example: In a 10×16 Sq. ft room, one 48” ceiling fan or two 36” fans are used depending on the required coverage. It is advisable to maintain a 2 ft of clearance between the blade tips of the two fans.

The above method is only an indication to cover most of the area in the rectangular space. It is obvious to install the fan such that the airflow covers the frequently used space of the room.

The optimal performance requires installation height to be 8-10 ft above the floor, with a clearance of at least 1 feet from the ceiling.

Calculate and choose the right ceiling fan for your space

BEE Star Rating

The BEE star rating indicates the efficiency of the ceiling fan. The efficiency here is denoted by a parameter called service value, which is the ratio between airflow and energy consumed. The service value determines the number of stars on a scale ranging from 1 to 5 stars as per the Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE) guideline. Read more on BEE star rating here.

In simple words, higher stars mean higher efficiency and less electricity consumption.


Typically, ceiling fans are available in various designs and colours. There will be options to contrast or match the rest of the room. Superfan offers a wide range of products and cool colours that will perfectly match your rooms. Browse our products catalogue for more exciting blade patterns.

Superfan offers 5 years of manufacturer warranty!

The relative importance of size, efficiency, and aesthetics depend on the requirement. Say, if your ceiling fan runs over 12 hours a day then star rating must be considered a primary factor or if the fan is seldom used and there is a requirement to complement the space, then aesthetics become important. Choose a fan apt for your requirements! Happy Shopping!

15 thoughts on “How To Select The Right Ceiling Fan?

  1. We have solar power installation company. We are interested to include your Ceiling fans in our proposals to our customers. Can we have a dealership arrangement with you for regular business. We also need a sample to use in our office for demo. Can you let us know the commercial terms to proceed ahead. Also say what will be our basic prices for ceiling fan of 1200mm,and 600mm 5 star ceiling Fans ?
    I am an Electrical engineer with over 50 yrs experience in the profession in india and abroad. Aslo I have a show room on the main road at TITLAGARH Railway Junction in Western Odisha. Also I am service centre and sales of Mahindra & Mahindra compary Automotives.
    Look forward to your response.

    Dr. ER, C. Behera
    M- 8700863174
    Titlagarh (Odisha)-767033

    1. Dear Dr Behera, we are very happy that you chose us for doing business. Your message is forwarded to the Sales and Marketing Team and they are working to reach you as I type the reply. A representative from Superfan will be in touch with you shortly. Have a great day!

  2. Sir,
    I need superfan for my home, on seeing your display of various colours in net, I am impressed and also the power saving you have mentioned.,
    Pls give your dealer’s name and address in Coimbatore.
    Will the BLDC fan give the same power saving for all your mentioned warranty period.
    What about your service facility, since it is a BLDC MOTOR and electronic controls ,is it possible for service in local.
    I am an electrical Engg by profession, I want to introduce the same in my factory’s hostel slowly by replacing the conventional fans, which is consuming more power and ageing problems
    kindly reply to my mail.

    1. In a minute we screamed out loud in joy! We are extremely happy that you understand the necessity of power-saving and we appreciate your step in choosing BLDC fans. Let’s make a change together!

      We are based in Coimbatore and so we will reach you in person from Superfan. Yes, all our ceiling fans ranges offer 56% power savings and a big yes for 5 years manufacturer warranty for the motor.

      Superfan ceiling fans are very easy to service. The board replacement is utterly easy and being an electrical engineer it would be a piece of cake for you. You can check out our servicing tutorial here.

      Thank you dear SuperFan. Your contact information is shared with our sales team. We will reach you soon.

    1. The superfan installation procedure is very easy and simple. Anyone can install the fan by following the simple procedure in the installation guide.

  3. I am already using this fan from last 10 years without any single minor foult so definitely recommend I am electrical engineer and also tested this fan in my lab performance wise it superb. I was first customer in gujarat when I did purchase the super fan. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

  4. I have been using your 1200mm X1 series fans, 4 of them, the oldest one being 6+ years old. I have had no complaints, only appreciation at the way these fans caused my electricity bills to nose dive. Of late I have been seeing the promotions of your super Q range of fans and the high service value that the offer, and I am inclined to try out one of these. However I am confused at the service values quoted in the specification of your various fans. If I have got it right, the service value is calculated as the airflow in CMM (at rated RPM) divided by the power consumption in watts. If that be the case, I don’t quite understand how the service value of your 1200mm X1 series fans (quoted as 6.3) that delivers 230CMM at 35 watts is lower than the service value of 1200mm A1 series fans (quoted as 7.1) though it delivers a lesser airflow of 220CMM at 35W as per your specs. A clarification will be highly appreciated.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. You are correct about the service value, it is the airflow in CMM over the power consumed at the highest rated speed. Super X1 is 230 CMM over 35 W, Super A1 is 220 CMM over 35 W. I think it would be a typo, apologies for the mistake.

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