What do I do when I already have ceiling fans that are working fine?

What do I do when I already have ceiling fans that are working fine?

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

Let us assume that you know about the huge benefits of super energy-efficient BLDC fans to an individual and to the nation. And now you want to replace your existing fans to super energy-efficient fans like Superfan. A question might arise – why should you spend a significant amount of money on replacing a working fan? Read further.

The huge benefits of BLDC fans are gained when it is replacing a regular fan that is being used for long hours. So, it is advisable to start replacing the regular fans that are used for long hours – like in bedrooms, office space, etc., to BLDC fans like Superfan. These replacements would decrease electricity usage significantly, and the savings would be quicker (payback on the initial investment would be quicker).

The remote control would also come in handy for controlling the speed in instances like bedrooms, living rooms and some large spaces.  From the financial point, as these savings and values accrue, your other regular ceiling fans shall be gradually replaced.

It must be noted that replacing a working regular ceiling fan may not be a sustainable option always. If that regular fan is not used more than 2 hours a day, then it is better to keep using the regular fan until it fails, underperforms, or used for longer hours.

Replacing a working fan would cut short the intended life of the product and waste the energy invested in making it. Additionally, as there is no proper recycling infrastructure, it would be adding to the trash landfill while in a working condition.

Superfan intends to extend its sustainable value beyond the product into sales, marketing, sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics as well.

If you have a ceiling fan that runs for longer hours, replace it soon with Superfan’s super energy-efficient fans to save money for yourself now and save our environment for the future. Browse Superfans here.

12 thoughts on “What do I do when I already have ceiling fans that are working fine?

  1. I my point of view,I have to change the old one. Because cost of Normal ceiling fan is nearly 1500-2000rs .But superfan is cost saving .As per company,which is reduce the cost nearly Rs.1500/Anm.And the cost of fan is 3000rs.
    So it’s profit one.
    Finally,I am also superfan customer.
    I bought X1 model pink.?

  2. Greetings again!

    i just got an idea to tell you, and you are great listeners, so i’m typing here.

    when i was searching for the fan online, i remember one thing, i wasn’t attracted towards superfan, coz there were no clear images, or ultra high quality pictures, where i can zoom and see every little detail i wanted to check like the end canopy.

    youtube videos of superfan and OF HIGH quality are very FAR and few.

    i got an idea, maybe you could upload unboxing videos on youtube, or maybe send your fans to high rated tech-reviewers with good production quality, so that you have some Great quality content on internet if someone wants to check out the quality.

    1. Thank you dear SuperFan! We are filled with joy in knowing your involvement and your concern in typing it out! Much thanks. We are finding social media influencers and video creators who can do that for us. If you know someone, you are welcome to share with us.

      1. quality and reach of “BEEBOM” on youtube seems great, from the top of my mind on Indian tech reviwers

        their Video quality is Crisp, their production content is great, mainly focusing on mobile and tech, but hey, BLDC fans are also tech.

  3. I have not yet purchased a Superfan however I have some comments. 1) Since it has an electronic circuit inside, any fluctuation in power supply may damage or burn circuit. An ordinary electrician can not repair it. If the weather is mid summer, we can not wait for days to repair and also do not know how much it will cost. As against this, the normal fans do not give up easily in electric fluctuations. Also to avoid oxidation of aluminum (and blisters) and to avoid sticking of cooking oil vapors in kitchen fan, it is advised to have some good coating or good lasting plastic blades. I am an engineer.

    1. Thank you for your comments. We appreciate your time.

      1.Any fluctuations will not damage the circuit but surge and spikes may cause damage. We have protection against the surge and spikes similar to high-quality LEDs, so would withstand most spikes and surges experienced in our grid.

      2.If the electronic drive is available any electricians can perform the service. We have service centres at various locations in the country, in those locations we offer next day service. In other locations we would be able to offer the service within the time it takes the courier to arrive from the nearest service location. This would be similar to ACs, which requires some specific components to repair.

      3.We offer a 5-year warranty on the motor so the repair would be free of cost. If it is out of warranty then it would cost around 600 – 700 INR depending on the model.

      4.There is a significant cost difference between plastic and aluminium blades, so only the premium models have plastic blades. There will be new Superfan models with plastic blades soon.

      5.The choice between regular fan and super energy-efficient fans would have to be taken by weighing the social benefits of energy savings, eco-friendliness and individual benefits of remote, money savings with the individual inconveniences(if any).

      We hope you choose super energy-efficient fans like Superfan when you buy a fan next time.

      1. my email add. is : vmdoshi@rediffmail.com, thanks for reply to my various queries. Are any model of fan presently available with plastic blades? If not approx. when are you likely to launch? What may be cost range and size of those models? What will be expected life of plastic blade vis a vis aluminum blades? I have a few old Usha brand fans with aluminum blades which are about 50 years old and still OK, will plastic degrade and develop cracks by that time? I am in western suburb or Mumbai city. Which is nearest outlet of your products?

        1. Thank you for your interest dear Superfan! Right now, we do not have any plastic blades. Superfan is a company which keeps sustainability as a topmost priority. So, the idea of plastics included in our product that is not polluting the environment and reliable have crossed our minds some times. Eco-friendliness is a way of life at Superfan. Just stay tuned with us for more of our new fan models! Please call us at 1800 425 78737 (toll-free) to know your nearest outlets.

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