Superfan – Fan Re ‘invented’

Superfan – Fan Re ‘invented’

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

Superfan’s patented original design has brought numerous innovations to a stagnant Indian ceiling fan industry. The following are a select few that shows why Superfan is ‘Fan reinvented’.

Super Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan (35 W)

Superfan broke the 35W barrier to enable an Indian ceiling fan to enter the super energy-efficient category of appliances. This novel design has been awarded two patents (2873/CHE/2009 and 3505/CHE/2012).

Sensor-less BLDC control

One of the challenges in BLDC technology was to minimize the failures of hall sensors. Superfan introduced the first ceiling fan in India with no hall sensor for position sensing. This was accomplished by developing a robust back EMF sensing in the firmware.

Active Power Factor Correction

The SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) is integrated with Active Power Factor Correction (APC) [a]. Superfan, power saving ceiling fans has a power factor of 0.99* while running at the top speed. At the lowest speed (step speed 1), its power factor is 0.5, which is 38% higher than a conventional ceiling fan.

High Service Value (>6)

Until 2019, BEE was categorizing ceiling fan with a service value of 4 as a 5-star rated fan. Those 5-star fans with service value of 4 were considered energy-efficient fans but performed poorly by delivering only 200CMM. Superfan in 2012, became the first ceiling fan in India to achieve a service value greater than 6 and air delivery of 230CMM. This achievement gave confidence to BEE and consumers that true super energy efficient ceiling fans are a possibility. The Service value is the ratio of air delivery to power input.

Voltage Fluctuation Protection

The speed of regular ceiling fans varies as the input voltage fluctuates.[b]
Superfan runs in the same speed (RPM) and delivers the same comfort even under low voltages and high voltages (160V to 265V).

Integrated Speed Regulation

Earlier models of remote-controlled ceiling fans have a separate electronic circuit installed for remote control. These circuits are bulky and costly. Having a micro-controller circuit enabled the development of an integrated remote. This is a significant shift in the Indian ceiling fan industry to manufacture more remote-controlled ceiling fans.

Eco-conscious Packaging

Other ceiling fan packages have around 350 grams of non-biodegradable plastics like Styrofoam, plastic covers, lamination, etc. Our plastic-free packaging saves 2 units of power consumption [c]even before the Superfan installation and avoids unnecessary burden on the environment. We consciously strive to reduce carbon footprint in our manufacturing processes, factory surroundings, and resources.

5-year manufacturer warranty

We are the first and only ceiling fan manufacturer who gives a 5-year manufacturer warranty in 2013.

Thus Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fans have revolutionized the Indian ceiling fan industry and truly ‘Fan reinvented’.

*under standard test conditions

# Air delivery of Superfan = 230 CMM Input power = 35 W

[a] The power delivered to a load consists of two components: active power and reactive power. Active power is converted into useful work. Reactive power is lost in energy storage elements like a capacitor, choke, and inductor. The ratio between this active power and reactive power is called power factor. It ranges from 0 to 1. Higher the power factor lesser the energy lost.

[b] Fluctuations can be both Low Voltage and High Voltage. Low Voltage makes the fan stop or cause a humming noise when running, whereas high voltage cause sparking in the electric motor.

[c] Researchers say that every 1 ton of plastics reduced, saves 6000 units of electricity. By avoiding such plastics in the packaging of Superfan, each fan saves about 2 units of power virtually.

17 thoughts on “Superfan – Fan Re ‘invented’

  1. Superfan is the fan which has all unique features. I like the integrated remote control of Superfan. Because it looks tiny, handy and lightweight, but to a suprise, it is an unbreakable remote control.

  2. Hi.. I have 5 superfan at home for last 3 years..
    One fan is not going to speed 5.
    When pressed 5 or 4 , it goes that speed for 1 mnt and then it restarts from zero, then touches 5 and then again off and start.

    This is not happening in 1 to 3 speed.

    Pls guide how do we resolve this

      1. Matter resolved now… delayed because of issues arose due to covid19 …. Otherwise very gud service and timely resolution of my issue

  3. I bought 5 fans on 6th October, 2016.out of these 5 fans one fan is not working from 5th may, 2020.kindly make arrangements to replace purchase invoice 10417 dated 06-10-2016.

  4. Hi team, I bought the 6 super fan on April 2020 but 2 fans flashing light always while running. Kindly assist us

    1. A brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motor or BL motor), also known as an electronically commutated motor powered by an inverter or switching power supply to drive each phase of the motor via a closed-loop controller. The controller controls the speed and torque of the motor. We are controlling the motor speed in Superfan BLDC motor by both frequency control and phase modulation. You can read more about BLDC motors here A brief note on BLDC motors and their application in ceiling fans

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