History of Ceiling Fan

History of Ceiling Fan

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are the primary cooling device in tropical countries of the Asian subcontinent. In India alone, there are 400+ million ceiling fans running for an average of 12 hours daily. Such an electric appliance has a long history dating back to the 19th century.

Manual Ceiling Fans

In the early days of about 4000 BC, people used hand fans made up of palm leaves to represent royalty and comfort. These hand fans evolved into a palm leafed manual ceiling fan in the 500 BC named Punkah. Punkahs originated in India and were extensively used by the rich and royal people until the 17th century. The era of manual fans in the country ended with Punkahs. From the 17th to 19th century, ceiling fans were developing at a very fast rate in countries like the USA.

Electric Ceiling Fans

Indian Electric Works manufactured the first ceiling fans in India by 1930. Crompton Greaves, a joint venture between Greaves Cotton of India and Crompton Parkinson of England, had been manufacturing ceiling fans since 1937. Crompton-Greaves, Ltd of India invented ceiling fans with highly efficient cast aluminium housings in 1957, and Encon Industries was the first to import them to the United States in 1973.

Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

In the late 80s and early 90s as India faced an energy crisis and hence the government regulated the electric appliances by star rating which gave birth to energy-efficient and star rated ceiling fans. The rating was done by a government organization, BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) from 2006.

Super Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

The industry was stagnant for a long time, until 2012. A new era of super energy efficient ceiling fans began in India with the launch of Superfan. It revolutionized the ceiling fan industry with its advanced technology. Superfan is the first fan that is developed in India, which runs at 35W. Just like Punkahs, which were indigenous and revolutionary, Superfans are also designed, developed and manufactured in India.

Ceiling fans are an integral part of comfy life and this electrical appliance has a very long history. The following infographic will tell more about it.

Edit 27th March 2021

Superfan is designed and developed in India which is on par globally. The development of these power saving ceiling fans marked a new ceiling fan era [1].


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[2] www.fantique.com

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  1. We all see ceiling fans as an appliance in our home. It is our mandatory appliance required in every day of life, but we have never thought about the history behind the ceiling fan. Good to read this now. Thank you Superfan for recording a new era in this history.

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