Let us join together for another battle

Let us join together for another battle

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

COVID -19 scared more than a billion of us and forced us to confine to our houses for almost 2 months. Thousands have lost their lives already to this pandemic in our country. There are other devastating effects such as loss of jobs, businesses, reduced pay, and so on, the lives of everybody have been affected [1]

Other changes

This lock-down to control the spread of COVID-19 has shown us the effect of us on our environment. India has 21 out of 30 world’s most polluted cities and the air pollution in those cities has plummeted to the levels that were observed decades ago. There were reports about clear skies in Delhi after a decade, a village in Punjab had an obvious sight of the Himalayan range after three decades, etc. So for the last few weeks, people in these regions are breathing better air in years.

Due to decreased human activities, the other species that we share our world with have ventured out of their confined territories. There were reports of turtles laying eggs in the Mumbai beach, wild alligators roaming Cochin streets, rare bird sightings, and peacocks in cities, dolphins are seen from the shore, and so on. These reports are revealing to us the extent to which we have encroached the spaces of our fellow beings.

Sustain the change

These changes are seemed to be viewed positively by the majority–which implies that most of us like the improvement in the quality of our environment. But are we ready to change our way of life to sustain this change, after the lock-down? Or will we go back to the old unconcerned and unresponsive ways? The way of life must be changed, and it begins by asking ourselves on our every motivation, ‘What we buy? How it is used? Where do we buy it? Who we vote? and so on’.

Your choice

One of the numerous ways to contribute to reducing pollution is to choose BEE 5 star rated India) appliances. More stars mean lower power consumption. One appliance ubiquitous is a ceiling fan, there are about 50 crore zero-star ceiling fans in India. If all these zero-star fans are converted to 5-star fans like Superfan, then we can avoid about 2 lakh tons of CO2 emission every day.

Do you know that over 100 thousand children die in India every year due to illnesses related to air pollution?

Today we can protect ourselves from COVID-19 by wearing masks, personal hygiene, by vaccines, but 30 years in the future our children and grandchildren cannot protect themselves so easily from the natural disasters that are caused by pollution. 

We have all fought together valiantly and continue to fight COVID-19. But it is also time for all of us to act as a nation and fight pollution. 

Edit – A news article published on 28 June 2020, in Indian Express, has mentioned that there is a spike in Ozone pollution after COVID-19 unlock [2]. The article also explains that ozone pollution can be controlled only by reducing gaseous pollutants. Examples of gaseous pollutants are CFCs present in the ACs.

[1] Economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in India
[2] Covid-19 lockdown cleared up the air, but harmful ozone levels increased. Here’s why

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  1. This is a nice blog. Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution. Buy green products like Superfan to breathe purely and be healthy.

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