Superfan – A True Indian BLDC Ceiling Fan

Superfan – A True Indian BLDC Ceiling Fan

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

Superfan Ceiling Fans own the rare title of “patented design” in the Indian appliance market. The innovation in Superfan spans from design to marketing and sales, and it has brought a revolution in a sluggish Indian ceiling fan industry

Technology – Hardware + Firmware

We are the pioneers in BLDC technology for ceiling fans in India. The hardware design with its firmware is a breakthrough in the ceiling fan industry, which is validated by the patents received for the same. It gives independence to the developers, as we have all the components built in-house. We do not rely on third-party vendors for any major customization or for technology improvement in Superfan.

Manufacturing – Magnet assembly

In regular BLDC motors, we assemble the magnets using anaerobic or aerobic glues. The curing time for the magnets after the gluing is at least 24 hours. Added to the delay in the manufacturing process, there are risks of magnets ungluing from the base while in operation.

Superfan uses a magnet holder for the magnet assembly. This magnet holder holds the magnet tightly and eliminates the risk of ungluing. Also, the curing time is down to one hour, which means a Superfan can be in operation just after the completion of the manufacturing process. It also reduced the cost of equipment, used in the gluing process of the magnets. The same idea is now being used by other BLDC ceiling fan manufacturing!


Besides the innovation in technical design, manufacturing, and inventory, a novel idea solved bottlenecks in aesthetics. We wished to offer more color options in each model, and this became a nightmare for manufacturing and inventory to maintain multiple color motors and blades. This problem was solved by standardizing a white color motor with different color blades. This enabled us to manufacture only one type of motor, which increased efficiency. Our trade partners can have more options for blades in their inventory rather than the whole fan.


Originality extends to the packaging processes too! Superfan follows strict eco-conscious packaging methods. No plastics like bubble wrap, covers, bags, and cellophane are used to pack the fan (motor, blades or any other part). Other fans use 350 grams of plastics for packaging, while Superfan uses cloth, corrugated boxes, and paper for packaging.


A wide variety of birds take shelter in our organic garden, in which we grow many native species. There are no manicured gardens and lawns to avoid pesticides and reduced water usage. We built our industry without disturbing the existing eco-system with natural lighting and cooling. We build a rainwater catchment inside our factory, which collects 2 lakh liters of water every year.


Superfan is an indigenous product, so we build it in-house. We support local suppliers for all the ceiling fan components, which create local job/business opportunities, eventually improving the skill and capabilities of the community. We have a series of fans called Unyc fans to support local artists.

Wrapping it Up

Having owned the technology makes us independent, reliable and compassionate people. By choosing an original, you enjoy customizing your fan anytime. Above all, you will choose a truly Indian product.  

Don’t wait to become a SuperFan. You can join the Superfan family by ordering here.

7 thoughts on “Superfan – A True Indian BLDC Ceiling Fan

  1. Till now I had only heard about Bajaj Orient fans, but after reading this blog, today I came to know about Superfan. Its price is very affordable and its design is also good which makes it the best option to buy. It will also help us in cutting our electricity bill cost and it has all the things we as consumers want; I want to thank you for giving such amazing information.

  2. Fantastic move! I wish your team could advertise it scale the reach across India. Most importantly, like today, maintain the same quality and that gains trust among customer in long term. Also makes CBE proud !

  3. This came at the perfect time for my family! We have been planning to get new fans throughout the house. I love all of the styles you have in this posting. Thanks so much for all of the tips!

  4. I changed all the fans (total 6) in my house to Superfan. Absolutely fantastic. A couple of times when the fans broke down, it just required a phone call to lodge the complaint, and they sent me the replacement motor within a week.

    One question, just read that the board costs only 500 rs. Is it available for purchase? Is yes, how?

    1. Thank you Superfan for your appreciation. The replacement board is available if your Superfan requires servicing. You can reach us at 1800 425 78737 (Tollfree) or +91 9489078737.

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