Why super energy efficient ceiling fans?

Why super energy efficient ceiling fans?

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

Regular old ceiling fans

Ceiling fans escape one’s mind when thinking about reducing electricity cost. This forgotten appliance contributes significantly to electricity consumption due to its numbers and hours of usage. The following estimation supports this claim. A regular ceiling fan (1200 mm span) consumes about 75 W at the highest speed.  There are over 400 million regular ceiling fans in India and each of them creates an electricity demand about 39W* (consumption at medium speed).

Super energy efficient ceiling fans

At present Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) ceiling fan is the popular choice of super energy efficient ceiling fans in India. There are two premier BLDC ceiling fan brands in India – Superfan (Versa Drives Private Limited) and Gorilla fans (Atomberg Technologies)**. These ceiling fans (1200mm span) consume 35W at the highest speed so they save over 50% of electricity consumption.

The higher efficiency comes with no compromise in air delivery. Now consider replacing all the ceiling fans in India with best energy saving ceiling fan. The reduction in electricity demand created by ceiling fans will be:

What are the effects of 10000 MW?

1 tonne of coal is burnt to generate 0.82 units (kWh) of electricity [1]. The burning of 1 tonne of coal produces 1.44 tonnes of carbon dioxide [2]. Therefore, we are burning 1,200 tonnes of coal in vain to meet the extra 10,000MW demand.

Superfan’s mission is to replace the 400+ million ceiling fans in India with super energy efficient ceiling fans and save over 10,000 MW in demand.  Join us to be a part of this mission.

To buy BLDC ceiling fans online, visit Superfan.in

Edit 1:

As of June 2020, the number of ceiling fans is increased to 500 million (50 Cr) and 3 lakh ton of CO2 is emitted by these 50 Cr regular ceiling fans in a day.


[1] Europeon Nuclear Society

[2] Co2 Emission Calculator

*Typically, the demand is estimated from the energy consumption at medium speed. (Regular fan – 39W, BLDC fans -14W)

**Atomberg Technologies claims that their fan is 28W but it is a marketing gimmick – the fan speed is lowered to showcase the lower power consumption, but at the highest speed their fan consumes 35 W.

14 thoughts on “Why super energy efficient ceiling fans?

    1. BLDC stands for Brushless DC Motors. These motors are called synchronous DC motors and are electronically commutated. You can also know more here.

    1. Typically it consumes only 33 W, considering the place of installation and operation it may exceed up to 35 W. This 35 W consumption is when the fan runs at full speed, at medium (3rd step speed) it consumes less than 20W.

  1. It’s very interesting to know the impacts of energy demand. Feeling proud to have Super energy-efficient ceiling fans in India and very proud to know that can save the huge demand of 10000MW for us.

    As you all know across worldwide ceiling fans contribute significantly to residential electricity consumption. An analysis by SEAD (www.superefficient.org) reveals that by the year 2020 if 100% of ceiling fans are replaced by this Super energy-efficient ceiling fans (like Superfan), the global residential energy consumption could be reduced by approximately 70 TWh per year, offsetting the need for approximately 23 medium-sized power plants and reducing global CO2 emissions by 25 million tons each year—equivalent to taking more than 5 million cars off the road.
    To make all these things happen, I wish to replace all the ceiling fans by Superfan.

    1. Hello Superfan! Yes, there are silent models of Superfan which delivers voluminous airflow. Please call +91 9498057700 for more information.

  2. I am a second time buyer of SuperFan. Previously bought the classic SuperX series for its energy efficiency and wanted to try the BLDC tech. It’s been four years now and i am highly satisfied with the product be it performance wise or for reducing my energy bill.
    Now bought the SuperQ series since it got an award from BEE and the design engineering behind it looked very promising.
    I must say the mission behind SuperFan is really inspiring and it makes me proud that such an innovative company is present in India. Moreover i like say if you can connect with the government at national level and make a case for replacing the older fans with these new efficient BLDC fans. That would be awesome. Our government already runs the LED mission. So, i think it will work for the fans too.

    1. Dear Sujoy, Hearty thanks for being a patron to Superfan. You feedback is invaluable, we will surely consider it.

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