Success story of Super X1 Unyc – Hand-painted designer ceiling fans

Success story of Super X1 Unyc – Hand-painted designer ceiling fans

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

The era of banner art

South Indian Cinema was blooming in the 60s, 70s, and 80s; emanating art professionals and related small businesses. One such professional is Banner Artists. In this period banner art studios were the preferred avenue to create advertisements in public spaces.

Hand painted large banners of size 100 sq. ft. were the advertisements for shops, movies, and politicians. During festivals, new movie release or elections, artists work consecutively for days with 15 to 20 assistants to finish banners or 30-foot-long cut-outs.

They painted every known celebrity of their time. Their work was done mostly outdoors gratifying public and experimenting with dark colors to paint a hero like Rajinikanth or Vijayakanth or simple colors like shades of pink for the heroines.

These artists don’t just copy the images, instead, reveal individual perspective on their art. Uniqueness was found in every stroke of the brush. Even though hundreds of posters and banners were painted for the same content, no two were alike, each banner is unique.

What happened then?

Flex printing is more accurate with wide ranges of designs, color, and less labor. It is a cheaper and faster means of printing an advertisement. The advent of cost-effective digitization in and around the movie industry lead to the demise of this once flourishing art.

New technologies swooping on older technology are prevalent in all fields, but in this case, the casualty is more than just the employment, it is creativity. The established banner artists would have directed their skills elsewhere and survived, but the middling artist suddenly lost time to grow and their creativity is lost.

If there is a way to support them….

Super X1 Unyc Designer Ceiling Fans
Artists in action – Super X1 Unyc

In a motivation to provide a blank canvas and a constant audience to these forgotten artists, Superfan – India’s first Super energy efficient ceiling fan has partnered with them. Superfan is the premier BLDC Ceiling fan manufacturer in India. One of their models include a series of hand painted designer ceiling fans called SuperX1 Unyc, which is India’s first hand-painted ceiling fans in retail.

The Unyc fan blades are painted by the banner artists at the Superfan industry. This series boasts ready-made themes like Wedding, Transportation, Dancing or Indian Art styles like Kalamkari, Madhubani, Warli, Gond paintings, Pattachitra or Tribal art is painted.

SuperX1 Unyc is also a personalized ceiling fan; your designs can be ordered directly with the manufacturer.  

An unique story: Interview with artists behind the success of Super X1 Unyc hand-painted ceiling fans.

9 thoughts on “Success story of Super X1 Unyc – Hand-painted designer ceiling fans

  1. Artistic work on Superfan is a very unique one and it looks very beautiful. Can we also try 3D painting in Super X1 Uync model? because nowadays 3D painting is becoming trendy in the interior decoration.

  2. Good initiative to support disappearing art. The part of the video explaining about designs like mandala, kandambari was good, short and clear. Removing questions like how do you train the children can shorten the video. Many people like to watch short videos.

  3. Kudos to the artists who convert this product into a beautiful piece of art with their creative skills.

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