Holistic Start-up Indian Innovation – Superfan an example

Holistic Start-up Indian Innovation – Superfan an example

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

The Indian government has mentioned that startups are a crucial contributor to India’s ascent in the global innovation index from 76 in 2014 to 46 in 2021. While the government aims to get into the top 25 in the global innovation index shortly.   

This objective is promoted with an event – Start-up India Innovation Week from Jan 12 –16 by the government. Many news outlets spread this news with an appraisal of the current scenario of startups and innovation. Many of these reports measured the start-up ecosystems based on the number of unicorn startups.   

This is prevalent beyond the media, it is among the public as well, in general, the success of any start-up/innovation seems to be their valuation rather than about creating a tangible business with products or services that are sustainable for the long term.  

Shouldn’t the measure of success of an effective innovation or business be the positive impact it has on our nation, society, people, environment?   

Superfan is an example of one such effective innovation that has changed the market, that has been influential in thousands of tons of carbon emissions and created the opportunity for policymakers to push the fan industry to embrace the revolution.    

In the same industry, the Superfan technology is exploited by legacy brands like Crompton, Usha, and newly launched brands like Atomberg, solely with the intent to take advantage of the market desire without foresight on utilizing all its aspects to create a positive impact wholistically. This jeopardizes future innovation in the industry and may hold back the impact that it can have on the community and the nation.  

Hopefully, this positive step by the policymakers on promoting innovation and startups go even further in aligning their success on sustainable contribution to the community and the nation along with making profits. 

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