Can a BLDC ceiling fan consume 28W or lesser?

Can a BLDC ceiling fan consume 28W or lesser?

From Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan

BLDC ceiling fans are marketed based only on their power consumption. But the power consumption depends on various other parameters, size, airflow, speed to name a few. Especially the ’28 W‘ is being used in the market a lot, is it true?

Can a BLDC ceiling fan consume 28W or lesser? There could be two possibilities:

1. It could be a marketing gimmick of expressing the specification of the BLDC ceiling fan in a clever way to deceive.

One step below the highest speed is mentioned as the top speed and the lower power wattage consumed by a fan at that speed is deceived as the power consumed in promotional materials and advertisements. Usually, this fan has a ‘mode’ in which it rotates at a higher speed consuming more than 32W to offer the sufficient airflow.

2. Or that the BLDC fan is designed to offer superior efficiency in power consumption by innovation in its motor, electronics, software and blades.

Superfan’s Super Q from Versa Drives is an example of such an innovation. SuperQ fan blades are uniquely designed to offer desired airflow at an optimal rotational speed than a regular fan blade. Superfan BLDC motor design is patented and independently validated for being the most efficient BLDC motor design by experts across the world. The combination of these two has resulted in a BLDC fan that delivers 230 CMM at 25 W for a 48” ceiling fan. This performance has fetched it the ‘Appliance of the Year’ award from Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Ministry of Power, India) through the NECA.  The performance of Super Q has been measured at NABL certified laboratory. The lab reports can be found here.

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Edit 29 June 2021

Super Q got featured as the MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT APPLIANCE OF THE YEAR in the SURVEY OF ENERGY CONSERVATION IN INDIA 2021 published by LABOUR & INDUSTRIAL CHRONICLE (3rd edition) in page no: 146.

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